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The First Anniversary of Bellinturf Vietnam Factory

Author: qinghe Time: 2020-04-21 14:30:39

Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd

As the earliest production base established by a Chinese artificial turf manufacturer in Vietnam, which has been manufacturing for more than one year, Bellinturf Vietnam Factory operates very smoothly.


Preferred manufacturer in artificial grass industry
The overall planning of Bellinturf Vietnam Factory covers an area of around 400,000 square meters, with the total planning of turf capacity being more than 60million square meters. After the completion of the whole base, Bellinturf Vietnam Factory will be the superior modern production base in both Vietnam and even across the whole world in artificial grass industry. Until now, the first phase of Bellinturf Vietnam Factory has been operating for one year, while the second and the third phase are expected to be completed and put into operation before the end of 2019.
Advanced Production Equipment Within the Industry
Bellinturf Vietnam Factory always adheres to the principle of high quality by utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment from advanced countries such as Germany, the UK and the USA,etc. With the industry's progressive production line and high-quality equipment, it ensures fewer damages occur, leading to sporadic repairs and maintenance, as well as significantly reducing the potential quality issues caused by unstable devices. The high-quality production line also guarantees the use of stable technology with much higher production efficiency, and safeguards quality under strict production control.
Scientific and Strict Management System and 100% Quality Assurance
Bellinturf Vietnam Factory has successfully passed the system certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001, as well as BSCI, QSA and other world-renowned European and American customer inspections. Products have been exported to Europe, the United States, Australia and approximately 100 other countries and regions around the world. In the Bellinturf Vietnam Factory, there are integral skilled professionals transferred from China and systematic employee training system and expert groups from all aspects carry out interaction on a regular basis. Products are thoroughly scientifically tested with rigorous process controls, with each order going through 26 control processes, 44 work instructions, 117 inspections, 15 quality records, which absolutely certifies the 100% quality assurance. 
According to AMI (Applied Market Information) Report 2018 Versions
Bellinturf large new plant in Vietnam is the most notable investment and take advantage of the better export trading conditions compared to China.
About Bellinturf
With more than 16 years of manufacturing experience and professional service, Bellinturf is unswervingly committed to creating superior quality for customers. As FIFA-licensed manufacturer, FIH certified manufacturer as well as tennis products meet standard of ITF, Bellinturf provides professional sports system. As pioneer landscape turf solutions provider, Bellinturf have designed and developed hundreds of synthetic turf systems to meet the needs all over the world.
Bellinturf Vietnam Plant first phase started production since the year 2017,operates smoothly, second and third phase expected to be completed and operated before the end of 2019, with overall planning area 400,000㎡ and total planning capacity 60,000,000㎡.With the fast-paced growth of Vietnam Plant, Bellinturf is being an undeniable superpower in artificial turf manufacturing.


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