The golf hitting mat products mainly include nylon knitted grass hitting mat and polypropylene tee line turf mat. golf hitting mat, golf teaching mat, individual practice mat

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Putting greenPutting greenPutting green

Putting green

The portable green can be divided into the hitting zone, the putting green area and the fringe area. The professional putting green makes the ball speed up to 9-11 feet, making the user hit on the real grass.
Design Concept

Colorful fringe grass makes the mat more beautiful.

Advantages: no need to install, can carry on and hit at any time.

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Product Description

Putting green

Product Specification

The emergence of the artificial putting green broke the tradition that people enjoy swinging pleasure only in golf course or driving range . People can install the putting green on the courtyard, community, shopping malls, office area etc, meeting the needs of beginners or enthusiasts putting

Putting green

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